Kigali:Religious leaders sensitized to be the source of peace

Yanditswe na AKIMANA Jean de Dieu Kuwa 11/11/2021, Saa 15:09:28 Yasuwe inshuro 32

This was the objective of the two days training of the religious from Mission of the Glorious of Saint Francis of Assis which aimed at learning the way the religious may be the source of Peace through interreligious dialogue.

The trainings started on 4-5November 2021 organized by Mr. Joseph Habamahirwe. Twenty religious (15 sisters and 5 friars) were trained on how to give their contribution in peacebuilding in Rwanda and in the world in general .

Friar Donatien Nzabandora one of the trainees said that he gained skills on how to respect every human being form different faith communities , and acknowledges being aware that the respect of differences can help to create true brotherhood.

Joseph Habamahirwe , advisor to the Founder of Mission of the Glorious Cross of St, Francis of Assisi, and lecturer at the Catholic University of Rwanda is the one who prepared and conducted these trainings in partnership with KAICIID, a faith based dialogue Centre based in Vienna, Austria and He insisted on dialogue and conflict management as ways to sustainable peacebuilding.

He affirmed: “Conflicts will always be there but the way we manage them can build a society or destroy it.” Respecting someone else’s ideas does not mean you adhere to them, but rather, it means you recognize that having different ideas and beliefs is normal. He also insisted on principles of dialogue so that people might learn and build relationships.

Furthermore, Joseph said that the purpose of dialogue is not to convince someone or show him /her; he /she do not know anything. One of the elements to consider in dialogue is listening, asking questions, and saying what one thinks or even suspending judgements where necessary.

Despite the genocide against the Tutsi that happened in 1994, religious people are still trusted. For this reason, they should contribute to peacebuilding through dialogue, especially interreligious dialogue so that every human being can be respected regardless of his faith, sex, citizenship, and political opinions.

AKIMANA Jean de Dieu